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Small Investors Fight Back

NEW YORK, NY - The massive consolidation in the financial industry, as witnessed by the latest takeover of Bear Stearns, has led to an industry dominated by the global banks and large mutual funds. Their success is measured by how many assets they can gather which has caused a commoditization of their investment offerings. At Frontier Financial, net performance and capital preservation determine if you win.

Frontier leverages the Specific Entry Point Analysis (SEPA™) developed by Mark Minervini, one of America's Top Stock Traders*. “We’re seeing a significant exodus from the large firms, and an equally significant influx of money into the boutique firms,” said Michael Weiss, CEO of Frontier Financial Advisors.

The small boutique financial asset management firms, using a proprietary methodology like Mark Minervini's, are better positioned to identify companies with positive earnings surprises early on in the growth cycle. This is where they typically have limited liquidity, which prevents many of the larger Wall Street firms from participating in some of the best investment opportunities until later in the earnings cycle, after liquidity increases.”

Capital preservation is accomplished by selling stocks quickly when they move against us, which provides us the flexibility to move to 100% cash in difficult markets. To find out how you can exploit this edge, using Mark Minervini's methodology, to maximize the potential of your portfolio, please contact us at 646-419-4444. The edge for the individual investor….that is what it is all about!

*Stock Market Wizards, interviews with America’s Top Stock Traders, featuring Mark Minervini. Mark Minervini Select Money Management and Investment Program at Frontier Financial Advisors.

This exclusive money management investment program is designed for high net worth investors and is based on Mark Minervini's SEPA investment methodology. We invite you to learn more about this investment program by contacting one of our investment advisors at Frontier Financial, a registered investment advisor.

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